Recognizably different. In 2010, DISTINCT LIFE emerged as a new lifestyle brand after years of experience in the retail space to show that design was more significant than a brick-and-mortar store alone. In 2007, our founder, Rick Williams, started what he deems his “graduate school” as co-owner of Burn Rubber sneaker boutique in Metro Detroit. The 700sq ft store, at the time, grew larger than the space could hold and became an iconic name not only in Metro Detroit but all over the world.  Long lines and customers camping outside became synonymous with the brand. After eight years of running a successful retail business, Rick Williams moved away from the retail side while still owning the brand and started building DISTINCT LIFE full-time with his wife, Yolanda Williams.  

“The shoes get them in the building; the story makes them stay.” 

Having designed over 50 sneakers with major shoe companies, Rick Williams understands the impact great storytelling has on design. At DISTINCT LIFE, we pride ourselves on staying active in the community and finding the stories through our boots-on-the-ground approach. Design is a part of everything we do, and whether it is through a sneaker, our merch, a mural, or a song written for Comedy Central by our team (shameless plug), we understand that art direction is where design and strategy meet. 

We spend our days in our 4,000 sq ft factory in Metro Detroit, creating products and spearheading projects and campaigns for our brand and clients while keeping our family-first philosophy intact.